CBS Management Services

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How we can help you

Is your “To Do” List getting out of hand and increasing your stress levels?  There is so much you want to do within your business but it’s seemingly impossible to find the time.  As a small business owner and operator it is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses and know when to get assistance.

  • If you were writing a contract you would seek the professional guidance of a Solicitor.
  • If you were completing your Income Tax you would seek the professional guidance of an Accountant.
If you want to increase your billable hours you will need to decrease the time you spend on non-billable yet vital tasks, why not seek the assistance of a professional service from us to assist you.

A Business Administration Consultant provides administrative, creative and technical services, they can be many things for your business;

  • Financial & Accounting Services
  • Marketing Research and services
  • Executive Search for you.
  • Tax Advisory and liaison with different government department.
  • Real estate leasing and sale purchase solution.
  • Short term and Long term contract employee to meet your requirement.
  • Your Operation Management.
  • Any other work as wish

Your Business Administration Consultant is likely to be a combination of many professions all rolled into one efficient and professional expert.